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Internal Feedback powered by Rapidr

Track feedback and suggestions from your team members. Empower your entire organization to submit ideas and vote to prioritize the best ones against your business goals.

See why Rapidr is the internal feedback tool of choice among SaaS companies.

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Internal Feedback powered by Rapidr


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Consolidate feedback from Slack, Intercom and other channels

All your Internal Product Feedback in one place

Consolidate feedback from Slack, Intercom and other channels

Document feedback from all customer-facing teams in one place to better inform product teams. Have a consolidated space for customer feedback and avoid losing feedback in chaotic spreadsheets, Zendesk tickets, and Intercom-Slack channels.

Consolidate feedback from effortless Intercom and Slack integrations.
Create a private feedback board just for your employees across the organization.

Keep employees updated on Product Changes

Close the feedback loop with changelog / release notes

Complete the feedback cycle –– from capturing ideas to analyzing & prioritizing, and finally notifying via changelog. Make your internal team a part of the roadmapping and decision-making process.

Maintain a product roadmap to show progress.
Keep a changelog to inform everyone of feature releases.
Close the feedback loop with changelog / release notes
Track feedback & vote on behalf of customers

Track Feedback & Vote on Behalf of your customers

Track feedback & vote on behalf of customers

Advocate for customers. Give sales and support teams a way to share customer requests and vote on behalf of customers to represent what customers are asking for and capture vital details.

Make it extremely easy to share feedback on behalf of customers.
Support all teams to chime in the discussion around feedback.

Access Control with Private Feedback Boards

Access Control with Private Feedback Boards

Change the privacy of feedback boards to allow internal teams to report feedback on behalf of customers. Break down silos between customer-facing teams and product teams.

Create private feedback boards visible to fellow teammates only.
Allow customers to vote and comment on team feedback but disable customer submission.
Access Control with Private Feedback Boards
Create your own changelog and release notes widget without code

No code required - install in 3 minutes or less

Notify users with Rapidr

Install Rapidr effortlessly without having to write a single line of code.

Hosted internal feedback portal, roadmap & changelog
In-app widgets
Custom domain

Be transparent about internal feedback.

When your employees see that you have a system in place to gather, analyze, and potentially act on their feedback, they will likely become more engaged in the process.


Increase employee engagement

When teams feel their feedback continuously adds value, they instantly feel more involved.


Never lose feedback again

Solicit feedback from across your organization without letting it fall through the cracks.


Better feature discovery

Empower customer-facing teams to sell the newly released features.


Complete feedback loop in one place

Unlike other tools, Rapidr is not just an internal feedback tool; it goes beyond that.

From capturing ideas & feedback to strategizing, sharing public plans via roadmap, and announcing product releases, you can complete the entire feedback cycle in one place.


Collect ideas and feedback from your customers & teammates.


Sift through the collected ideas and create a product strategy.


Show what you’re currently working on and what’s coming next.

#4Release notes

Announce product updates with your customers & stakeholders.


Some commonly asked questions

What is Internal Feedback?

Internal product feedback is any customer feedback received by customer-facing teams like customer support, customer success, sales, and marketing. This kind of feedback looks like emails, customer interviews, support complaints, call notes, zendesk tickets, and intercom-slack messages collected by customer-facing teams who constantly have one-on-one conversations with customers daily.

What are the main sources of Internal Feedback?

Organizations that have an effective internal feedback process in place increase transparency and build trust among the team. Internal team members are internal customers, and are more vocal than your external customers about your product; thus their feedback matters. Here, are a few common feedback communication channels:

  • Surveys & Emails
  • Team Meetings
  • Spreadsheets for customer-facing teams
  • Slack Channels like #internal-feedback
  • Internal feedback tools like Rapidr

How to collect and manage Internal Feedback with Rapidr?

Internal feedback is the most powerful feedback for any company. Feedback from customer-facing teams matters, as they know what their customers want, how their products are being used, and what they need to improve.

Internal feedback eedback can be obtained in slack channels, spreadsheets, surveys, user interviews, and direct customer service. However, this critical information can easily get lost before reaching product managers in Zendesk tickets and Slack channels. A better way to collect and manage feedback from internal stakeholders is to use a dedicated internal feedback tool like Rapidr.

Rapidr includes capturing, reviewing, prioritizing internal team feedback and feature requests, tracking and boosting them to the roadmap to keep all the stakeholders informed, notifying them once it is resolved, and publishing all the released changes in release notes/changelog closing the feedback loop in Rapidr. Maintain release notes document and ship better products with us.

What are the benefits of collecting Internal Feedback?

  • Ensures your entire internal team is included in the feedback process from the beginning to support team engagement.
  • Closes the feedback loop with internal team members who have contributed or voted on feedback requests to make them a part of the roadmapping process.
  • Prioritize transparency and leverage these feedback processes to empower your customer-facing teams and encourage a sense of ownership of the product.
  • Never lose feedback from customer-facing teams again and provide better visibility into feedback across all product areas to the entire organization.

Build better products with user feedback

Rapidr helps SaaS companies understand what customers need through feedback, prioritize what to build next, inform the roadmap, and notify customers on product releases

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